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Website Design and Digital Marketing Experts Based in Johannesburg, South Africa

Our years of experience position us as one of the leading website design and digital marketing providers in South Africa and Southern Africa. Providing fast and effective digital solutions for a wide range of industries and sectors.

  • 2015

    Entrepreneurial ventures are either born out of necessity or for the passion to follow the dreams than settle for anything less. It was the latter in our case.

    In the summer of 2015, two friends, a Computer Engineering graduate and Security Guard, a self-taught coder passionate about coding landed up in a testing job. It was never going to ‘test’ our real passion and a day before we stepped into our first job the entrepreneurial bug bit us and thankfully it never healed

    What followed next is the story we share with the likes of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos! A typical garage start-up with limited capital but large amounts of passion, enthusiasm and a dream to create our own space in the flourishing world of Web Development and Internet Marketing.

  • 2016

    In early 2016, we took off with the first project: a professional portfolio website where we put in all our desire and energy.

    Praises had never sounded so ‘sweet’ and never they been that ‘encouraging’. It was the launch we had been looking for and we have never looked back since then.

    Working for Non-Profit Organizations without any monetary benefits helped us grow in confidence and skills and most importantly taught us the basic values of business and life.

  • 2018

    2018 was a landmark year and our baby MachekeHost was born, we finally gave a name to our dream.

    With bigger projects in our way, we coordinated with freelancers to deliver on time.

    We needed our own website and email hosting platform which we at PowerWeb and our clients can rely on. We wanted to have the best website hosting platform ever created in Southern Africa and offer 100% uptime guarantee regardless of load-shedding

  • 2019

    In 2020, 100 website to be developed by PowerWeb since we started our website design and digital marketing company back in 2015

    We managed to create over 17 eCommerce stores for start-up companies and well-estabilished companies in South Africa and Southern Africa

    This year, we were recognized by over 1000 companies who contacted us for different services, we are always happy to work with all sizes of companies.

  • 2020

    Year 2020 was special as we started operations from our office and grew big on our clientele list. Cheers to all pitfalls and hilltops for they made us stronger and wiser.

    “We didn't just move from garage to office” we also managed to grow our team from two to 10 including adding services like company registration, graphic design, brand strategy, SEO consultant, and flyer design

    The year 2020 saw PowerWeb reach R1 million revenue generation, thanks to some of our recurring customers and professional services we gave our clients over the years and a list of the endless portfolio.

  • 2021

    Covid-19 affected many businesses across the world, and PowerWeb is one of them.

    Our job is to help small and large businesses with their online image and give them platforms to operate effectively in digital platform and reach as maximum potential clients as possible.

    We were forced to work from home and lost many clients because they didn't manage to pay for their services, but we are still managing to grow again. Thanks to our new plan and other added services and we added more staff to 22.

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